Mediation & Arbitration Services for Austin & Central Texas

In addition to practicing law, Daniel O’Brien provides mediation and arbitration services in and around Hays County and Travis County, including Dripping Springs and Austin, Texas. Dan is qualified by statute for court appointments as a mediator in all civil disputes, including suits affecting the parent-child relationship. Mr. O’Brien completed his primary mediation training at the University of Texas School of Law’s Center for Public Policy Dispute Resolution. In 2018, he was named a Fellow of the Center for Public Policy Dispute Resolution. Dan is a certified arbitrator that hears warranty and lemon law claims between major automobile manufacturers and consumers in compliance with Federal Trade Commission regulations.

Mediation & Arbitration Solutions

  • Qualified for court appointment in all civil cases and suits affecting the parent-child relationship
  • No case is too large or small
  • Multi-party mediation
  • Scheduling of mediation
  • No additional administrative fees
  • Ability to travel for mediation
  • Preparation of post-mediation notice and/or status reports for courts
  • Arbitration service if needed (binding or non-binding arbitration) (call for rates)
  • Convenient location
  • Flexible mediation times
  • No fee with timely cancellation

Professional Service Before and After Mediation

Successful mediations start before the parties sit at the conference table.  The parties have often lived with the dispute for long periods of time — many years in some cases — before mediation.  And, if they have an attorney, their counsel has been paid to analyze the case before the mediation.  This preparation often includes a mediation statement describing the background of the dispute.  Because your time and money is valuable, you should and can expect Mr. O’Brien to review all the materials submitted before the mediation begins.  You can also rest assured that he will remain impartial after familiarizing himself with the case.

Professional service does not end when the mediation session concludes.  Although the goal is for the parties to reach an enforceable agreement before they leave the mediation, unforeseen questions or concerns may prevent parties sincerely interested in settling a dispute from finalizing an agreement.  Within reason, Dan will help the parties finalize their agreement without additional expense.  Or, if the parties require additional time, Dan will work with them to quickly schedule a final session.

Reasonable Mediation Rates for Reliable Service

Many mediators charge well over a $1,000.00 per party for a full day mediation plus administration fees.  Depending on the amount or issues in disputes, mediation is often cost prohibitive.  The Firm, however, offers quality service at reasonable rates.  And, if needed, mediation services are available at alternative sites arranged by the parties.  Up to 30 minutes of actual travel time to and from an alternative mediation site is complimentary.  Travel time in excess of this amount is charged at an hourly rate and divided equally between all parties.

Local Solutions

Using a quality mediator does not require traveling great distances.  There is no need to spend the time (and money) driving around Austin to reach a mediator when you can use that time actually resolving a case.  Dan handles cases throughout Texas; but, he also makes helping his neighbors in Austin, Dripping Springs, San Marcos, and Central Texas a top priority.

Family Law Solutions

Mediation can be a great tool for solving family disputes.  Parents can use mediation to find effective resolutions to custody issues.  Good, fast solutions help provide stability for the children of divorce, which is the most important goal in these cases.  Mediation is also a great tool fr finding a fair an equitable division of property during a divorce.  And, mediation allows the spouses to resolve their disputes without the need for testifying about personal matters in open court.

Anytime Solutions

We know that some disputes cannot wait.  And, with some reasonable lead time – and sometimes without – we can be there when you need us most.  Some disputes require a mediator to tackle a case on the weekend, after five, or even into the early morning hours.  If the parties are sincere about working for solutions, we will work with you to give you the best opportunity to settle your case and move forward quickly.

What Your Clients Want to Know

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Schedule a Mediation

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The Law Office of Daniel O’Brien, P.C. nor any attorney employed or affiliated with the Firm provides any legal advice with regard to mediation or arbitration services that are provided by it or its attorneys.  If you are using our mediation services, legal questions should be directed to an attorney of your choosing.

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