Premises Liability

Premises Liability Attorneys in Austin, Dripping Springs and Central Texas

Premises liability cases arise for injuries that occur on a person or business’ property.  Typically, these claims include slip and fall cases.  However, premises liability cases include a much broader set of circumstances.  Premises liability claims have become increasing difficult to prosecute.  Your rights may be affected by the type of property, the age of the person injured, whether the property is owner by a person or a governmental entity, the reason the injured person was at the property when injured, and the owner’s knowledge of any condition on the property that caused the injury.  Understanding when a case involves premises liability theories or other negligence theories can also make big difference in an injured party’s ability to recover for serious injuries sustained.  With all personal injury claims, potential clients need to be aware of the effect a recovery will have on medical expenses paid or incurred on the injured client’s behalf.  We can help you evaluate whether pursuing a claim is the right decision for you.

Waterpark / Water Slide Cases

The Firm has experience in handling waterpark accident cases.  These parks can be a great fun for families.  However, certain laws regulate the manner in which these amusements are constructed and operated.  If waterparks and water slides are not operated as require by law, then customer can be seriously injured.  Injuries can include head trauma, paralysis, and serious lacerations to extremities.

If you have been injured and have questions regarding your rights or if you are a property owner interested in limiting potential liabilities associated with your property, contact The Law Office of Daniel O’Brien, P.C.

Premises liability claims are usually handled on a contingent fee basis.  With all contingent fee arrangements, if a recovery is made, clients are responsible for court costs and all expenses advanced to prosecute a case.  If no recovery is made, you are not responsible for any fees.

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