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Adult Victims of Sexual Assault and Abuse Attorneys

The attorneys at the Law Office of Daniel O’Brien, P.C. take pride in helping all victims of abuse.  In addition to helping child victims of abuse, the Firm assists adults that have been injured by assault, domestic violence, sexual exploitation and rape, including conduct committed by doctors, dentists, therapists, clergy, professional athletes, and other professionals.  In certain circumstances, we can try to coordinate with counsel and clients that are located out-of-state to aid in the prosecution of claims in Texas.  The Firm can also sometimes assist the efforts of local clients with claims for injuries suffered outside of Texas, whether by coordinating with counsel in other parts of the country or through admission to the other bar if and when allowed.  We can discuss some of these options during the free consultation offered by the Firm.

Child Injury Attorneys

Child Abuse Attorneys | The Law Office of Daniel O'Brien, P.C.

The attorneys at the Law Office of Daniel O’Brien, P.C. take pride in helping families and victims of child abuse.  Whether your son or daughter suffered abuse or mistreatment by another family member, teacher, coach, other school employee, church member, health care professional, or day care employee, our firm offers effective legal representation while remaining sensitive to the child’s and parents’ concerns.  The Firm’s lawyers understand that victims and their families require attention to assorted emotional and physical needs, and we can assist you in finding the full spectrum of services needed by victims.

Understand the Difference Between Claims of a Child

As a parent or guardian of a minor child that has sustained injuries as a child, you should know that the law pertaining to such claims can vary from those that affect claims made by adults.  For understandable reasons, many families and victims are not prepared to take legal action near the time that the injuries were sustained.  We can help you understand when certain claims related to child injuries need to be brought.  In other instances, we help victims that incorrectly believed their legal rights had been compromised by the passage of time.  In some cases, young adults have viable claims that they may bring well after they are 18 years old.  If you have questions regarding the your rights or the rights of your child, you may contact our firm for a free consultation.

Likewise, it is important to understand the current state of Texas laws regarding injuries to children.  We can assist you in determining what, if any, claims a child may have and the effect of recent changes in Texas law.  Despite a number of changes that affect the liabilities of abuser and businesses that employ abuser, Texas laws still provide help to children that are victims of abuse.

Clergy Abuse and Child Care Abuse

Helping Victims of Child Abuse

Child abuse presents itself in many forms and can happen in different circumstances and environments.  Many cases of abuse involve family members. Other cases, involve clergy abuse or people trusted to care for our children. Whether the abuse is committed by a family member, friend of the family, priest, minister, or child care worker, the Firm can assist you in investigating and prosecuting claims. Depending on the identity of the perpetrator, our attorneys can assist you in trying to secure assets of the perpetrator and trying to obtain medical and psychological treatment for abuse victims.

Serious Injuries to Children

The Law Office of Daniel O’Brien. P.C. also handles cases involving serious injuries to children.  Such injuries need not arise out of abuse or molestation claims.  For instance, our attorneys assist with day care accidents, swimming pool accidents, injuries arising from certain product defects, waterpark accidents, and others injuries.  To find out whether the Firm can assist you and your child, please call for a free consultation.

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