Mediation and Arbitration

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Mediation and Arbitration


In addition to practicing traditional law, Daniel O’Brien provides mediation services in Hays County.  Mediation is a process in which an impartial third party mediator aids and encourages communications between conflicting sides. The goal is to achieve reconciliation, understanding, and settlement among the disputing parties. As a neutral participant, the mediator does not share opinions or judgments that affect pending litigation. Many times, mediation is ordered by a judge as an alternative to litigation and a prerequisite to trial.



Arbitration is an “out-of-courtroom” conflict resolution that can save time and money.  While more formal than mediation, arbitration is another way to accomplish reconciliation and settlement. During this process, parties turn over their dispute to an impartial arbitrator to review evidence, discuss the disagreement with the parties, and ultimately issue a decision.

Dan O’Brien not only assists the firm’s clients in mediations and arbitrations, he is available to serve as an arbitrator in civil disputes.  He has experience and serves as an arbitrator for disputes involving automobile warranty and lemon law cases for major automotive manufacturers selling vehicles in Texas.

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