Real Estate Law

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Real Estate Law

Real estate transactions often involve substantial financial investment. Daniel O’Brien Law understands the importance of protecting your interests.

Whether it’s a residential or commercial venture, Daniel O’Brien Law is here to help.  O’Brien is experienced in transactional law as well as litigation and conflict resolution.

Common Real Estate Disputes

Daniel O’Brien Law handles a wide assortment of real estate litigation including, but not limited to, title matters, bona fide purchaser status, lien and ownership priority, easement rights, mechanic’s liens, adverse possession and other prescriptive rights, adverse possession, trespass to try title cases, and rights of first refusal.

Homeowners Association Issues

Handling HOA cases involves working with a variety of parties with assorted goals and often competing objectives. Daniel O’Brien Law has experience representing developers, declarants (of property owners associations), homeowners associations/property owners associations, property management companies, and homeowners in disputes by and between one another.

Real Estate Transactions

A licensed attorney can be of great assistance in buying or selling both residential and commercial properties. From document preparation and contract review to negotiation and litigation, Daniel O’Brien Law will advocate for your interests to make sure you’re getting the deal you expect.

Commercial Lease Agreements & Residential Lease Agreements

Commercial lease agreements usually involve many more issues than residential lease agreements, including multiple ways of calculating rent payments. Understanding the concepts of common area maintenance, shared utility expenses, security deposits, and the effects of terminating a lease agreement is essential to successfully renting commercial and residential property. O’Brien has extensive knowledge about how to resolve these various lease-related real estate disputes.